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Carrboro mayoral candidate: Mark H. Chilton


Age: 37

Neighborhood: Downtown Carrboro

Family: Married with two boys, ages 6 and 8.

Profession/Business: Attorney and broker

Education & Experience: Juris Doctor NCCU School of Law 1997; Bachelor of Arts, UNC-CH, Geography, 1993.  Chapel Hill Town Council, 1991-1997; Carrboro Board of Aldermen, 2003-2005; Mayor of Carrboro, 2005-present.

Endorsements: The NC Sierra Club; The Hank Anderson Breakfast Club; The Independent Weekly; The Chapel Hill News; The Carrboro Police Officers Association

What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

I want to help make Carrboro a more environmentally, economically and socially sustainable community by addressing the issues listed in response to the next question.

What are the top two or three critical issues facing Carrboro?

1. Diversify Carrboro’s tax base through careful downtown re-development and revisions to the Northern Small Area Plan.

2. Make Carrboro the most pedestrian and bicycle friendly town in North Carolina by completing bicycle and pedestrian improvements on Estes Drive Extension and Smith Level Road and creating a Bolin Creek Greenway and a Morgan Creek Greenway.

3. Complete revisions to the Northern Small Area Plan with an emphasis on diverse housing, economic development, open space preservation, stream protection and farmland conservation.

What have you learned about our town in the campaign?

This is my third time running for office in Carrboro in the last four years. That means that I have walked along almost every street in Carrboro three times and I have knocked on thousands and thousands of doors. I have had the chance to speak with a huge number of residents and collectively they seem to agree on three points: 1) We need to limit Carrboro’s property taxes. 2) We need to make Carrboro a more walkable community. And 3) we live in the greatest town in North Carolina.

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