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Landfill open letter

Editor’s note: following is an open letter to the board of county commissioners.

Congratulations for reversing your earlier decision to unilaterally select the Eubanks Road area as the site for the new waste transfer station. That change of heart was a step in the right direction.

You are now embarking on a critical phase in the history of Orange County — the selection of the next waste-handling site. The future of this system is in your hands. The history of environmental racism regarding this issue is well established. It is time for you to break this cycle.

I urge you to remove the Eubanks Road area from any possible site consideration. Immediately and without reservation. Please make it clear to the consultant that this area is not to be considered in any way, that it is to be part of the exclusionary criteria.

By re-opening the siting process, you have shown the courage to admit that the original selection of Eubanks Road last March was flawed. For this, I am grateful and proud of you.

It would be a very big mistake not to explicitly exclude the Eubanks Road area from the new search. You need look no further than your recently tendered notice from the EPA regarding the U.S. Department of Justice complaint of environmental racism to achieve a full understanding of this fact.

So, I urge you to continue your demonstration of fair and just actions regarding the new waste-handling site. Follow the wise and righteous actions of the City of Greensboro, and remove the current landfill area from further consideration. A process that uses selection criteria to steer your choice towards Eubanks will not go unchallenged.

As you may remember, the last time a “landfill search” was done many years ago, Eubanks Road was initially off the table, until in the 11th hour “site 17” on Eubanks road was presented as the “best choice.”

At that time, Duke University outsmarted Orange County and shut down that site. The whole thing melted and, magically, more room was found at the existing landfill. We do not need nor will we allow another site 17 type study.

There is no such silver bullet available to you now.

I am hopeful that you will do the right thing this time. A lot of people are watching you, and are counting on it. I wish you the best.

John Kramer

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