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Music Calendar: 05/08/08

Thursday May 8
Blue Horn Lounge: Modena
Cat’s Cradle: The Casualties, Krum Bums, Antagonizers, No Revolution
The Cave: Early: Tim Krekel Late: McCauliffe Brothers
General Store Café:
Club Boheme
Local 506: The Physics of Meaning, Filthybird, Tiny Meteors
Nightlight: Monsonia, Algebra of Need, Hazerai

Friday May 9
Blue Horn Lounge: Lucy Sumner & The Second Thirds
Cat’s Cradle: The Old Ceremony, Tony Scherr
The Cave: Early: New River Rock Skippers Late: The Nice Jenkins Boys, Simple
General Store Café: Plowology, John Brown
Local 506: The Cave Singers, Wil Donegon & The Apologies, Kapow!
Nightlight: Gondoliers, Soft Company, Chops
Open Eye Café: Plan B

Saturday May 10
Blue Horn Lounge: Blue Diablo
The Cave: Early: Pagan Hellcats Late: Twilighter
General Store Café: See No Weevil
Local 506: Bonde Do Role, The Death Set, Diamond Studs
Nightlight: Robobilly!, Mighty Zorgon, Anal Anguish, Dash

Sunday May 11
The Cave: Glissade, Polynya, If/When
Weaver Street Market: Joe Woodson and the Bean Trees 11am

Monday May 12
Blue Horn Lounge: Open Mic
The Cave: Spider Bags, The Golden Boys, Girls of the Gravitron
Local 506: Snowden, Colour Revolt, The Never

Tuesday May 13
Blue Horn Lounge: Blake Tedder
Cat’s Cradle: Drive By Truckers, Dexateens
The Cave: Early: Will Dawson Late: Strange Faces, A Rooster for the Masses
Local 506: Ladyhawk, Neva Dinova, A Is Jump
Nightlight: Eberhardt, Empty Orchestra

Wednesday May 14
Blue Horn Lounge: Windy City Slim, Ken Yow
Cat’s Cradle: Drive By Truckers, Dexateens
The Cave: Early: Bernie Lamb, Mike Pitts Late Huguenots, Minipop
Local 506: Blood On The Wall, Americans In France, Dry Heathens
Nightlight: Thrones, Caltrop, In the Year of the Pig

Thursday May 15
Blue Horn Lounge: Jule Brown Band
The Cave: Early: Jake Melnyk Late: Common World Collective
General Store Café: Tony Galiani
Local 506: Indian Jewelry, Boyzone, Clang Quartet
Nightlight: Nothing Noise, Attached Hands, Satellite

Friday May 16
Blue Horn Lounge: David Spencer Band
Cat’s Cradle: Les Dudek
The Cave: Early: Guitar Bomb, Miwa Late: Cartridge Family
General Store Café: Andy Coats
Local 506: Joe Romeo & The Orange County Volunteers, Brendan Rice, Scarlet Rider

Saturday May 17
ArtsCenter: Red Stick Ramblers
Blue Horn Lounge: The Breaks
Cat’s Cradle: Southern Culture On The Skids, Violet Vector And The Lovely Lovelies
Nightlight: Jooklo Duo, Rahdunes, Clearvoiant, Todos Somos Ninjas, Black Yeti
The Cave: Early: Jeff & Vida Late: Puritan Rodeo, The Youngers
General Store Café: Martha Bassett
Local 506: Red Collar, The Pneurotics, Hammer No More The Fingers, The Proclivities, DJ John Booker

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