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Music Calendar 9/18/08

Thursday Sept 18

Blue Bayou Club: Tokyo Rosenthal. 9pm
Blue Horn Lounge: Pete Waggoner. 9pm
Cat’s Cradle: Abbey Road LIVE presents: Magical Mystery Tour! 8pm, $15-17
The Cave: EARLY: Ken Mickey. LATE: Embarassing Fruits, Secret Message Machine, Summer Camp Casanova
General Store Cafe: Jazz with Tony Galiani. 8pm
Local 506: Ari Hest, K.S. Rhodes. 9:30pm, $8-10

Friday Sept 19

Blue Bayou Club: Ana Popovic. 9:30pm
Blue Horn Lounge: Vaneltino & The Piedmont Sheiks. 10pm
Cat’s Cradle: Who’s Bad? 9pm, $10
The Cave: EARLY: The Woos. LATE: Taz Halloween, Izzy Cox
General Store Cafe: Sheila Warner. 8:30pm
Local 506: Wreckless Eric, Amy Rigby. 9pm, $8-10
Nightlight: Swan Quarter, Mouthbreather, Chiarascuro. 9:30pm, $5

Saturday Sept 20

Blue Bayou Club: Marla Vickers Band. 9:30pm
Cat’s Cradle: Street Dogs, Time Again, Flat Foot 56, Antagonizers. 6:30pm, $12
The Cave: EARLY: Nikki Meets The Hibachi. $5 LATE: The Showteens, Aminal Music
General Store Cafe: Gravy Boys. 8:30pm
Local 506: Gaslight Anthem, American Steel, Polar Bear Club, Red Collar. 9pm, $12
Nightlight: Harmute, The Nothing Noise. 9:30pm, $5
Open Eye Café: Marla Vickers Band. 8pm

Sunday Sept 21

The Cave: The Magpies. 9pm
Weaver Street Market: Chris Reynolds Swing ‘N’ Jazz with Ben Palmer and Tonmy Greco

Monday Sept 22

The Cave: Batata Doce. 9pm
Local 506: Throw Me The Statue, Western Civ. 9:30pm, $8

Tuesday Sept 23

Blue Bayou Club: Blues Jam. 8pm
Cat’s Cradle: Revival Tour: Chuck Ragan, Ben Nichols, Tim Barry, Austin Lucas. 7:30pm, $13-15
The Cave: EARLY: Andrew Marlin. LATE: Band of Annuals, Regina Hexaphone.
Reservoir: Rahim, Win Win Winter, Jokes & Jokes & Jokes.

Wednesday Sept 24

The Cave: EARLY: Alex Bowers. LATE: The Crash Engine.
Local 506: JapaNoodle Fever Tour: Peelander-Z, Tus Shi Ma Mi Re, Bakubeni, Quaff. 9pm, $8-10
Nightlight: Alessandro Bosetti, Corridors, Clint Listing. 8:30pm

Thursday Sept 25

Blue Horn Lounge: Tain Collins. 9pm
Cat’s Cradle: Black Kids, The Virgins, Magic Wands. 8pm, $15-17
The Cave: EARLY: Truckstop Coffee. LATE: Pistolero, Resist Not.
Local 506: The Broken West, Hammer No More The Fingers. 9:30pm, $8
Nightlight: SNMNMNM, Soft Targets, Troy Smith, DJ Soulful Love. 9pm

Friday Sept 26

Blue Horn Lounge: Adrian Duke. 10pm
Blue Bayou Club: Lucy Sumner Band. 9:30pm
Cat’s Cradle: Ratatat, Panther, E*Rock. 8:30pm, $16-18
The Cave: LATE: The Buzzkills, Southpaw.
Local 506: The Juan Maclean, Holy Ghost. 10pm, $10
Nightlight: Come the Freak On! Festival. 9pm, $8
Open Eye Cafe: Mountains in the Moon. 8pm

Saturday Sept 27

Blue Horn Lounge: Marla Vickers Band. 10pm
Cat’s Cradle: Bombadil, The Proclivities, Holy Ghost Tent Revival. 8pm, $9-12
The Cave: EARLY: Ashley Atkins. LATER: Drinks for Darfur Benefit with Oscar Begat, Gambling the Muse, the Pneurotics
Local 506: Transportation, Spider Bags, Inspector 22. 10:30pm, $6
Open Eye Cafe: Paul Daniel. 8pm

Sunday Sept 28

Carrboro Music Festival! Full schedule to come.

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