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Music Calendar 01/15/09

Thursday Jan 15
Blue Bayou: Souless Dogs. 8:30pm
Capt John’s Dockside: Chris Reynolds Swing ‘N’ Jazz Trio Featuring John Simonetti. 6-8:30pm
Cat’s Cradle: Virginia Coalition. 9:30pm, $10-12
The Cave: EARLY: TBA. LATE:Dead To Society with Have Nots. $5
General Store Cafe: Jazz with the Tony Galiani Band. 7-9pm
Local 506: God’s Pottery. 9pm, $8-10

Friday Jan 16
The Arts Center: Girlyman. 8:30pm, $15
Blue Bayou: Delta Highway. 9:30pm
Cat’s Cradle: Los Campesinos! Titus Andronicus. 9pm, $12-14
The Cave: EARLY: TBA. LATE: Birds & Arrows with Gray Young
General Store Cafe: See No Weevil. 8:30-11pm
Local 506: The Explorers Club, The Huguenots. TBA, $8
Nightlight: Torch Runner, Chiarascoro, Bagger Vance, Lemmy and Sean. 10pm, $6
Resevoir: Freedomhawk, Colossus, Death Came Down the Mountain.

Saturday Jan 17
Blue Bayou: Michael Burks. 9:30pm
Cat’s Cradle: Who’s Bad? (Tribute to Michael Jackson), Blount Harvey music. 10pm, $10-12
The Cave: EARLY: Grimball & Long. LATE: Kenny Roby & Mercy Filter
General Store Cafe: Stinging Blades. 8:30-11pm
Local 506: Longwave, Aminal Music, Mark Kano & Mike Garrigan. 9:30pm, $10
Nightlight: Schooner, Ghost to Falco, Embarrassing Fruits, A is Jump. 10pm

Sunday Jan 18
Cat’s Cradle: L in Japanese Dance Party. Benefit for the Orange County EMS. 9pm-12:30am, $8-10
The Cave: Mute, Goodbye Titan, Matasha El-Sergany. $5

Monday Jan 19
Local 506: Swan Quarter, The Flying Eyes. TBA, Free.

Tuesday Jan 20
The Cave: Inauguration Party featuring Shiragirl with Gonna Get Got. $5
Local 506: Hamell On Trial. 9:30pm, $9
Nightlight: Barack Obama Presidential Inauguration Party. 9pm

Wednesday Jan 21
The Cave: EARLY: TBA. LATE: Teh Vodak. $5
General Store Cafe James Gordan. 7-9pm
Local 506: Vic Chesnutt, Elf Power. 9pm, $10

Thursday Jan 22
Blue Bayou: T.A.B. Band. 9pm
The Cave: EARLY: TBA. LATE:John Harrison, The Good Graces, Anna Bullard. $5
General Store Cafe: Jazz with Marie Vanderbeck. 7-9pm
Local 506: The New Familiars, Holy Ghost Tent Revival. 9:30pm, $8
Resevoir: The Wading Girl, Jokes&Jokes&Jokes

Friday Jan 23

Blue Bayou: Hard Travelin’ with Danny Cowan. 9:30pm
Cat’s Cradle: The Gourds, Ramsay Midwood. 9:30pm, $8-12
The Cave: EARLY: Pegan Hellcats. LATE: Mystery Road with Puritan Rodeo
General Store Cafe: Lost Country. 8:30-11pm
Local 506: The Virgins, Lissey Trullie, Anya Marina. 9:30pm, $10

Saturday Jan 24
The Arts Center: Alina Simone and The Fells. 8:30pm, $14
Blue Bayou: The Lids. 9:30pm
Cat’s Cradle: The Rosebuds, Megafaun, The Love Language. 9pm, $10-12
The Cave: EARLY & LATE: Killer Filler with Hot Rooster
General Store Cafe: When Cousins Marry. 8:30-11pm
Local 506: David Karsten Daniels, Bright Young Things, The Prayers & Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers. 10pm, $7

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