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Music Calendar

Thursday July 9

Blue Bayou: Skeedaddle. 9pm. Free
The Cave: LATE: Aminal, The Dry Heathens, On The Beach. $5
General Store Cafe: JazzBeau. 7-9pm
Local 506: Modern Day Escape, Steryle, Cast The First Stone. 9pm. $7
Nighlight: Harmute, Israel Darling. 10pm

Friday July 10

Blue Bayou: Michael Burks. 9:30pm. $16/18
Cats Cradle: Devon Allman’s Honeytribe. 9pm. $7/10
Caffe Driade: Chris Wimberley. 8pm
The Cave: EARLY: Patrick Phelan LATE: Tony Williamson Band
Charlie’s Barn: Sleepless Nights. 7-9pm
City Tap: Girls Rock Camp and Friends. 6:30-10pm
General Store Cafe: The Jaybirds. 8:30-11pm
Harry’s Market: Dimitri Resnik. 7-9 pm
Local 506: Red Collar, The Loners, Rat Jackson, A Rooster For The Masses. 9pm. $7
Open Eye Cafe: Emma Hill and Her Gentlemen Callers. 8pm
Reservoir: Bloodcow. 10pm

Saturday July 11

Blue Bayou: Deb Callahan. 9:30pm. $8/10
Caffe Driade: Chris Titchner. 8pm
Cats Cradle: American Aquarium, The Future Kings of Nowhere, Filthybird, Nathan Oliver. 8pm. $8
The Cave: EARLY: Both LATE: Eric
City Tap: Killer Filler. 8-10pm
General Store Cafe: Wells Family Band. 8:30-11pm
Local 506: The Kinksmen, Some Girls. 10pm. Free
Open Eye Cafe: Southern Routes. 8pm

Sunday July 12

The Cave: Spirit Family Reunion. $5
Nighlight: Abe Vigoda, Whatever Brains, Talbot Tagora. 9:30pm. $5
Southern Village: Project Mastana. 7pm
Weaver Street Market: The Mystery Hillbillies, Honky Tonk and Rockabilly. 11am-1pm

Monday July 13

The Cave: LATE: Pow Pow Pow
Local 506: Handsome Furs, Dri, Cinnamon Band. 9:30pm. $10

Tuesday July 14

The Cave: LATE: The Lonely H, Caleb Caudle and The Bayonets $5
Local 506: Sam Quinn and Japan Ten, Samantha Crain and The Midnight Shivers. 9:30pm. $6/8
Reservoir: Constrictor. 10pm

Wednesday July 15

Caffe Driade: Ken Larson Trio. 8pm
The Cave: LATE: Simeon, Vintage Fresh. $5
Local 506: Jaafar, Butter
Nightlight: Castanets, MA Turner, Free Electric State. 9:30pm. $6

Thursday July 16

Blue Bayou: David Russell. 9pm. Free
The Cave: EARLY: Wannamaker LATE: Futurebirds, The Interns
General Store Cafe: Tony Gailani Band. 7-9pm
Local 506: Reeves Gabrels, Benjomatic. 9pm. $10/12

Friday July 17

Blue Bayou: Janiva Magness. 9:30pm. $16/18
Caffe Driade: Lastwatch. 8pm.
Cats Cradle: Nice-N-Smooth. $18/20
The Cave: EARLY: Backyard Tea LATE: Pipe, Tinstar
City Tap: Club Boheme 5-7pm. The Swang Brothers. 7-10pm
General Store Cafe: Judy Woodall. 8:30-11pm
Local 506: Connor Christian and Southern Gothic. 9:30pm. $8
Reservoir: Gray Young, Veelee. 10pm

Saturday July 18

Blue Bayou: Dmitri Resnik Blues and Beyond. 9:30pm. $6/8
Caffe Driade: Nikki Meets The Hibachi. 8pm
Cats Cradle: Girls Rock NC Showcase
The Cave: EARLY: Star FK Radium LATE: Dirty Little Heaters, Chrome Plated Apostles, The Needles
City Tap: See No Weevil. 8-10pm
General Store Cafe: Kikin Grass Band. 8:30-11pm
Local 506: Transportation,, The Toddlers
Open Eye Cafe: Luego. 8pm. $5

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