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Music Calendar

Thursday July 23
ArtsCenter: 300 East Main Summer Concert Series with Embarrassing Fruits, Free Electric State. 4:30pm
Blue Bayou: Strangelets. 9pm, Free
Cats Cradle: XX Merge. Sold Out
The Cave: LATE: Stars Explode, The Magic Babies
General Store Cafe: Marie Vanderbeck Trio. 7-9pm
Local 506: Benji Hughes, Simeon. 10pm, $8
Nightlight: MEEBS, War Hands, Yohimbe
Southern Village: Tres Chicas. (Rain location Christ Church) 7pm, $5

Friday July 24
Blue Bayou: Bull City Syndicate. 9:30pm, $8/10
Cats Cradle: XX Merge. Sold Out
The Cave: EARLY: Tony Williamson Band. $5 LATE: Richard Bacchus and The Luckiest Girls, The Dielectics, The Strange Attractors. $5
City Tap: Butter. 7-10pm
General Store Cafe: Joe Bell and The Stinging Blades. 8:30-11pm
Harry’s Market: Andi Morgan and Sudden Affair. 7-9pm
Local 506: Max Indian, Ryan Gustafson, The Tomahawks. 9:30pm, $5
Nightlight: The Slow Poisoner,
Hellblinki Sextet. 10pm, $5
Open Eye Cafe: Loose Mood. 8pm

Saturday July 25
Blue Bayou: The Fustics. 9:30pm, $6/8
Caffe Driade: Jay Manley. 8pm Cats Cradle: XX Merge. Sold Out
The Cave: EARLY: Gospel Years LATE: Puritan Rodeo with Sasha Colette, The Magnolias
City Tap: Ann and Greg Humphreys. 8-10pm
General Store Cafe: Hot Tub of Grits. 8:30-11pm, $5
Open Eye Cafe: Debbie Liske. 8pm

Sunday July 26
Cats Cradle: Dredg, Rx Bandits, Zechs Marquis. 8pm, $15/17
The Cave: Saint Solitude, Polynya
Local 506: Mixed Greenz, Sleep Control. 9:30pm, Free
Memorial Hall: She & Him.
XX Merge with American Music Club, Wye Oak. $32
Southern Village: The Laura Ridgeway Trio

Monday July 27
The Cave: LATE: Sinister Moustache
Local 506: Jason Kutchma, BJ Barham, Matthew Schwartz. 9pm, Free
Nightlight: Doomstar, Once and Future Kings, Pistil. 9:30pm

Tuesday July 28
Cats Cradle: Atmosphere, Eyedea and Abilities, Attracted to Gods. 9:30pm, $22/25
The Cave: LATE: Transmission Fields, Elsinore. $5
Local 506: Cage, Yak Ballz. 9:30pm, $10
Nightlight: The Busy World, Timbre, Soil and the Sun. 9:30pm, $5

Wednesday July 29
Blue Bayou: Will Baker, Dan Chegash. 8:30pm, Free
Caffe Driade: Roy Schneider. 8pm
The Cave: LATE: Now You See Them
Local 506: Battle Rockets, Irata, Goodbye, Titan. 9pm, Free
Nightlight: Phanton Firewords, Robobilly. 9:30pm

Thursday July 30
Blue Bayou: Jacob Johnson Band. 9:30pm, Free
The Cave: LATE: Mark Cool and The Folk Stars, Radar’s Clown of Sedation. $5
General Store Cafe: Bourbon Street Jazz. 7-9pm
Local 506: Destroy All Sweaters, Blue Moon Revue. 9pm, $6

Friday July 31
Blue Bayou: Rootzie, Gray Bird. 9:30pm, $8/10
City Tap: Drowning Lovers. 5-7pm. The Darnell Woodies. 7-10pm
Caffe Driade: Radio Silent Auction. 8pm
The Cave: Easrly: Ashley Chambliss. $5. LATE: Taz Halloween, Scarlet Virginia
General Store Cafe: Nixon, Blevins and Gage. 8:30-11pm
Harry’s Market: Carry Croghan. 7-9pm
Nightlight: Joe Romeo and the Orange County Volunteers, Roadside Graves, The Weather Kings. 10pm, $5
Open Eye Cafe: Ken Larson Trio. 8pm

Saturday August 1
Blue Bayou: Blues World Order. 9:30pm, $8/10
Cats Cradle: The Cosmopolitans, Mitch Easter, Don Dixon. 8pm, $15
The Cave: EARLY: Ashley Atkins Band. $5. LATE: The Hwy54 Band, Rebekah Pulley
City Tap: Acoustic Garage. 8-10pm
General Store Cafe: Molasses Creek of Ocracoke Island. 8:30-11pm, $5
Local 506: John Nolan, Mansions, Cool Ethan. 9pm, $8
Open Eye Cafe: Tomahawks. 8pm, $5

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