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Music Calendar

Thursday Aug 13

Blue Bayou: Half Baked Beans. 9:30pm. Free
Caffe Driade: Mark Dauman
Cats Cradle: Kasey Chambers, Shane Nicholson, Kim Tayor. 8:30pm. $20/23
The Cave: LATE: The Barefoot Movement, Keep Off The Grass. $5
General Store Cafe: J. Freeman. 7-9pm
Local 506: The Low Anthem. 8:45pm. $8/10
Nightlight: Embarrassing Fruits, Jason Dove. 9:30pm. $5
Weaver Street Market: The Tim Stambaugh Band. 6-8pm

Friday Aug 14

Blue Bayou: Martha Bassett Band. 9:30pm. $8/10
Caffe Driade: Jimmy Robinson. 8pm
Cats Cradle: dub Addis, Mickey Mills and Steel, Give Thanks Band. 9pm. $8/10
City Tap: Matt Vooris. 5-7pm. Saint Anyway. 7-10pm
Harry’s Market: Hungry Heart. 7-9pm
Local 506: Calico Haunts, Wild Wild Geese, John Howie Jr. 10pm. Free
Open Eye Cafe: Dave Turner. 8pm

Saturday Aug 15

The Arts Center: Dar Williams, Stephen Kellogg. 8:30pm
Blue Bayou: Wheels of Fire. 9:30pm. $6/8
Cats Cradle: Amy Ray, Bellafea, Humble Tripe. 9pm. $12/15
The Cave: EARLY: The Adrian Outfit. LATE: Fuse Band, Kenny Roby, Ian Thomas
Caffe Driade: Jon Dyer. 9pm
City Tap: Near Blind James and Harmonica Bob. 8-10pm
General Store Cafe: Gravy Boys. 8:30-11pm
Local 506: Auxes, Impossible Arms. 10pm. $6
Nightlight: Nathan Oliver, Ghost to Falco, Oblisk. 10pm
Open Eye Cafe: Puritan Rodeo. 8pm
Sacred Grounds Coffeehouse: 2nd Stage. 7:30-9:30pm

Sunday Aug 16

Ackland Art Museum: Jazztones. 2-4pm
Cats Cradle: Starlight Mints, JP Inc. 8:30pm. $10
City Tap: Shawn Deena. 3-5pm
Milltown: Klezmer Collective. 7-9pm
Nightlight: In the Year of the Pig, Make, The Beatings. 9:30pm. $5
Southern Village: The Gilbert and Sullivan Singers. 7pm
University Mall: Chris Reynold’s Swing ‘N’ Jazz Trio. 2-4pm
Weaver Street Market: Joe Woodson and the Bean Trees. 11am-1pm

Monday Aug 17

Cats Cradle: White Rabbits, The Fiery Furnaces. 9:30pm. $13/15
The Cave: LATE: The Mystery Lights
Local 506: The Warlocks, The Morning After Girls, The Vandelles. 9:30pm. $10

Tuesday Aug 18

The Cave: LATE: It’s Just Vanity, Jews and Catholics. $5
Local 506: Shane Kelly, Airforce Base. 9pm. $5

Wednesday Aug 19

Blue Bayou: West Trinity. 8pm.
The Cave: EARLY: Gray Byrd. LATE: Our Horse Jethro, John Harrison, Allen Thompson. $5
Local 506: William Darity Electric Trio, Tree City. 9:30pm

Thursday Aug 20

Blue Bayou: John Saylor. 9pm.
Cats Cradle: Five Times August, Shannon McArthur. 7:30pm. $10/12
The Cave: EARLY: Lake Isle. LATE: Elonzo, The Whalewatchers. $5
General Store Cafe: Tony Gailani Band. 7-9pm.
Local 506: Drink Up Buttercup, Tallest Trees-The Naked Light. 9:30pm. $8
Weaver Street Market: After Hours with Jaafar

Friday Aug 21

Blue Bayou: Swamp Doctors. 9:30pm. $8/10
Caffe Driade: Megan Jean. 8pm
Cats Cradle: Goathouse Cat Refuge Benefit with Tres Chicas, Luego, Gambing The Muse. 8:30pm. $10/12
The Cave: EARLY: Jaafar. LATE: Blag’ard, Mumpsy, The Fakirs, Big Hell
City Tap: Kitty Box and The Johnnys, The Breaks. 6-10pm
General Store Cafe: Red Rover. 8:30-11pm
Harry’s Market: Marko and the Rockers. 7-9pm
Nightlight: The Bronzed Chorus, Juffage, Ultimate optimist, Michael Thomas Jackson. 9:30pm. $6

Saturday Aug 22

ArtsCenter: Bowerbirds. 8pm
Blue Bayou: Crossover Blues Band, Butter. 9pm. $6/8
Caffe Driade: Crys Mathews. 8pm
Cats Cradle: Augustana. 8pm. $15
The Cave: EARLY: Rodie Ray LATE: Pinche Gringo, Mondo Topless, Rough Hands.
City Tap: Sudden Affair. 8-10pm
General Store Cafe: Leroy Savage and The Bottom Feeders. 8:30-11pm. $5
Local 506: The Chiskey Smugglers, Lafcadio, Gambling The Muse. 9:30pm. $7

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