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More concern over Bolin Creek greenway plans

By Beth Mechum, Staff Writer

Various members of town staff and advisory boards have been planning a greenway along Bolin Creek for more than a decade, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

The Carrboro Board of Aldermen was presented with a review of the Bolin Creek Greenway conceptual plan at Tuesday’s board meeting at Town Hall. The board also received comments from the public about the plan.

Town staff and the greenways commission have been working with Greenways Inc. to develop the conceptual plan for new greenway trails along the Bolin Creek corridor between Estes Drive and Homestead Road and the Jones Creek corridor on the northern part of Lake Hogan Farms.

Sections of the plan, for south of Homestead Road and along Wilson Park, were given the go-ahead by the board, but it was the sections near Carolina North Forest and Bolin Creek that had residents concerned.

The primary issue was a proposed creekside route, rather than an upland forest route or one along already-existing roads.

A 10-foot-paved greenway is proposed, and some nearby residents said they were concerned about what that would do to the integrity of the land.

“You can’t just put that much impervious service near the creek without runoff in the creek,” Carrboro resident Dickson Phillips said.

Other citizens expressed concerns related to nature conservation, public safety and over-usage.

Mayor Mark Chilton said he was frustrated that much of this was coming out now, after such a long process.

Board members agreed there should be more public input and promised citizens there would be more workshops or hearings before other phases of the conceptual plan went through.

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