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Carrboro’s big dig continues


By Kirk Ross
Staff Writer

CARRBORO — The clanking of large shovels and the rumble of road rollers are still shaking up Weaver Street as work moves ahead on the extensive rebuilding of the roadbed.

Business owners say the noise, dust and detours have been a bother and have definitely had an impact on business.

“April is typically our busy month, and we’re slower than we like – slower than we expected,” said DeeDee Lavinder, owner of The Red Hen. The shop, which typically displays an assortment of wares in its front yard and porch, has curtailed that practice a bit due to the dust from the sewer line-replacement project in the western block of the street. But Lavinder shrugged it off, noting that it was pollen season anyway.

Dianne Koistinen, owner of The Beehive, said running a business on the eastern block of Weaver Street, where the major road work is going on, has been a challenge. Walk-in traffic is down and the view is often less than desirable.

“They cut our phones lines twice now,” she said.

The vibrations from the rollers have been intense at times, Koistinen said, but the picture window she had shored up before the project started has held.

“It’s been a constant source of excitement,” she said of the project.

George Seiz, director of Carrboro Public Works, said business owners haven’t been shy about letting him and his staff know what’s not going right with the project.

That feedback usually comes with an understanding that this is a major rebuilding project.

“Generally, people are being good sports about it,” he said.

Seiz said the timetable for the project is still on track despite heavy rains that required filling back in some of the work temporarily to protect the subgrade of the road. There have also been spots that have required extra removal and replacement of material. Seiz said he still projects meeting the six-to-10 week window for completion of the east block, which will ease the minds of business owners, as well as the traffic snarls.

“I’m encouraged by the progress,” he said. “Certainly, getting that first block done will be a good thing for all.”

But Seiz is cautious about the work ahead, even though the subgrade problems have not been extensive.

“There’s still plenty of road left to go,” he said.

If you have questions about the road work or want to check the schedules and read the latest update, visit the town’s Weaver Street page at townofcarrboro.org/WS

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