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Treading on the constitution

Props to Judge Howard Manning for throwing a wrench into the Republicans’ hacking machine that is poised to indiscriminately mangle reform of education for less fortunate kids in the state.

Nothing wrong with making cuts where they’re reasonable, but scrapping many of the measures put in place by the Leandro lawsuit surely will return counties with extremely limited resources to the days where lower-income children will fall through the cracks, to the days of 45 percent proficiency at the high school level.

Certainly there is waste in the public school system of North Carolina, but a mad rush at budget deadline time is neither the way nor the time to enact such far-reaching long-term measures as have been proposed.

Senate leader Phil Berger was quoted as saying he has “something of a problem with judges assuming or attempting to assume the role of legislators” after Judge Manning set a hearing for later this month to see if the whacko plans of the Republicans violate the constitutional guarantee that all children in the state have a right to a sound basic education.

Mr. Berger might be reminded that’s why we have judges – because some of us have problems with legislators thumbing their noses at the constitution.

Reprinted by permission of The News-Journal in Raeford, N.C.

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