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Obituary: Bryan David Andrews

July 6, 1970 – Oct. 9, 2011
Bryan Andrews, entrepreneur, intellect and life enthusiast, died on Sunday, Oct. 9, at Road Atlanta. A native of Chapel Hill, N.C., Bryan emerged in Atlanta as an individual unwilling to merely visualize an idea, but rather one needing to translate that vision as a tool that others might engage.
In early 2000, Bryan Andrews, Richard Leslie and Brandon Sutton founded Trend Influence (TI) in Atlanta, Ga. TI advanced a new consideration; linking brand, product and digital signature as an innovation mosaic that has been successfully adopted globally by some of the most well-known brands in the world. Erasing the seams that previously sectioned products from trends, Bryan and his partners adapted cultural relevance to the digital age as an operational amalgam of essential anthropology.
In the ensuing 11 years since TI’s inception, Bryan also established AppTheory, a company guiding technological innovations that have been used in the development and management of web-based products, brands and IP. Bryan’s entrepreneurial spirit, strong willingness to succeed, ambition and dedication to the tech industry contributed to his achievements as a small business owner and fueled an implicit desire to progress, evolve and penetrate new opportunities.
Bryan was an avid motorcycle enthusiast who participated in track sessions throughout the Southeastern U.S. Never an individual to pursue an interest with lax passion, Bryan challenged a sport that is not for the faint of heart with mindful preparation and clear respect for speed. The camaraderie he experienced within his close-knit family of riders complemented his caring nature and contagious personality. His personal interests reflected the value of extending understanding from the first person – responsible mimicry of intention as he was prone to quip from Bruce Mao, or technical singularity in adapting by design instead of by default. His wisdom was deep yet his time too short.
A Memorial Service was held at 2 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 15, 2011, at the Cecil B. Day Chapel at The Carter Center in Atlanta, Ga. A separate service will be planned for early November in Chapel Hill, N.C. Notifications will be sent in the coming weeks.
Bryan is survived by his mother, Deborah Newton; father, James K. Andrews; life partner and fiancé, Nova Belote; close business partners, dear friends, dog (Biggie Smalls), and, of course, his track buddies.
Mayes Ward-Dobbins Funeral Home & Crematory (mayeswarddobbins.com), Marietta, is in charge of arrangements.

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