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LETTER: Let’s vote on fracking

I attended the public hearing in Chapel Hill at which the Department of Energy and Natural Resources stated they concluded that fracking could be done safely in N.C. I was shocked at the amount of scientific evidence presented by many knowledgeable speakers there on how dangerous this practice is.

I want this issue put before the N.C. public. Let’s get the facts, all the facts, out there for people to analyze and come to their own conclusions, and let’s have a public referendum.

Let’s VOTE. This is NOT an issue to be decided by the legislators only. Let’s get town meetings going in every small town, in every church.

Fracking is a dangerous, dangerous practice, and it messes with our dearest resource – water. Fracking takes loads of clean water and contaminates it with a pile of chemicals that then have to somehow be cleaned out of our water. And where do we dispose of the chemicals, if they can even be cleaned out of our water?

If you own land, be very aware that you may be approached by some company who wants to lease your land. If you accept this, and they frack your land, its value may plummet, and all the side effects will come to your neighborhood – noise 24/7 from the drilling equipment and large trucks, water and air pollution, illnesses, poisoned soil. Be aware! The fracking companies are on the move around our state now.

Please let’s get the word out: We want to vote on this issue, we want more information, we want to unite with knowledge – to keep fracking out of our lovely state.

Barbara Janeway

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