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Historic church moving to Chapel Hill

A historic church located in Germanton, N.C., is moving to Homestead Road in Chapel Hill.

The St. Phillip’s Episcopal Church was built in 1890, but has been without a regular congregation for decades. The Episcopal Church of the Advocate has been renting space in Chapel Hill and recently was offered the church building by the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina when the property the building stood on was sold.

The church will be moved in sections in late 2012. The move is expected to take three months.

  1. Sarah David

    A group of concerned citizens in Germanton (St. Philip’s home) has formed a nonprofit, Friends of St. Philip’s, to encourage the Bishop of North Carolina to leave St. Philip’s in Germanton. Our small town shouldn’t pay such a high price for the Church of the Advocate’s growth and good fortune. http://www.savestphilips.org