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LETTER: Keep St. Philips in Germanton

I am writing to bring attention to the fact that Episcopal Diocese of Raleigh has made a decision to move St. Philips Church from its historical home in Germanton, N.C. I believe this decision was made without all the facts being brought forward. We the people of the small village of Germanton are distraught over this beautiful church being moved from its home.

This church was built in 1890 and has been a landmark in our small town for more than 100 years. It has been named as a historical landmark, and that would be lost if it is moved halfway across the state.

Not to speak of the damage to the building when taken apart and moved.

I have lived in Germanton for more than 50 years, and each time I come home the first thing I see in Germanton is St. Philips welcoming me home again. I just cannot believe how we would all feel if it were no longer there. I want to make the Diocese and the people of the Episcopal Church of The Advocate, where it is to move, aware of just how much this church is loved here, and we do not want it moved.

I believe that if they know how much we care, they just could not find in their hearts to take it away from its holy place, or be able to enjoy knowing they have made so many people sad.

Judy Simpson

  1. Sarah David

    As a Germanton native, I second Judy’s thoughts and thank her for sharing them. Our little town is facing a heartbreaking loss.