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Bus Hubbard, Keeper of the Noble Grove

A Thousand Words
By Jock Lauterer

When old Tar Heels return to visit campus, they walk among “the noble grove” and wonder at the unchanging nature of McCorkle and Polk Place. It’s as if time has stood still and the returned alums are undergrads again. As they turn their eyes upward to take in the lofty canopy, they can thank UNC’s legendary tree man, Bus Hubbard, for his 59 years of maintaining the oaks, hickories and poplars that make this campus so special. This spring, Bus decided to hang up the chainsaw. In celebrating the modest 78-year-old’s retirement, we showcase the work of undergraduate photojournalist Warner Underwood, who was lucky enough to spend several weeks with Bus during his final autumn among the trees he loved and cared for so well for so long.

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