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LETTER: Banks shouldn’t get rich at expense of others

Foreclosures threaten all of our communities. Here in North Carolina, people are losing their homes at record rates.

Unfortunately, big banks like Bank of America are a huge part of the ongoing problem. Fraud and abuse are rampant in foreclosure cases. Rather than work with homeowners, Bank of America has taken the opposite approach – an approach that rips people from their homes and devastates North Carolina neighborhoods. In fact, they are even facing a lawsuit from U.S. Federal Housing Finance Agency over faulty mortgage loans.

With banks already making all-time record profits, we need to prevent corporate banks from further enriching themselves at the expense of the rest of us.

A growing movement is coming to the Bank of America shareholder’s meeting in Charlotte from May 6-9. People from across North Carolina will gather to send an important message: too much corporate power threatens our economy and our democracy. Let’s say “no” to further fraudulent foreclosures and “yes” to keeping everyday people in their homes.

Check out ncagainstcorporatepower.org for more information.

Tait Chandler
UNC student

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