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LETTER: Support Dalton for governor

I am writing in support of the one candidate capable of governing North Carolina starting on day one, and that candidate is Walter Dalton.

Walter Dalton is a fighter and proven leader who understands the importance of investing in the future. He has spent his career in politics supporting innovative, efficient and effective education policy and programs. From his time in the state Senate to his service as lieutenant governor, Dalton has shown that bold and innovative leadership is what we need to be successful in North Carolina. His accomplishments, including laying the foundation for the state’s early college program and spearheading the creation of a Small Business Assistance fund providing crucial loans to small businesses, show that Walter Dalton is ready to lead our state.

Most importantly, Walter Dalton has the experience and the leadership to lead our state forward. Meanwhile, the Republicans in Raleigh and Pat McCrory have and will continue to point our state in the wrong direction and have put our state at a crossroads. With your help and your vote, we can put this state back on track and move North Carolina forward. With your help and your vote, we will elect Walter Dalton as our next governor.

Matt Hughes
Chair of the Orange County Democratic Party

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