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Thank you, Mrs. Gill

A Thousand Words
By Jock Lauterer

Thank you, Mrs. Gill

When I was in China last month I received an email from my old high school journalism teacher, congratulating me on one of my photographs she’d seen in the paper. Although I hadn’t heard from Martha Gill in a zillion years, no CHHS’er who ever had “Miz Gill” for English or journalism would ever forget the grammar maven: firm, stern, no nonsense and utterly devoted to her students – especially the staff of the high school paper, the Proconian, seen here in a December 1962 pose for the yearbook. Cutting up for the photographer, we are, surrounding the seated Mrs. Gill, from left, Pat Mann, James Gilmore, Terrell Seawell, Sally Ivey, Melanie Ripperton and Yr Hmbl Svt (with the old Rollie I still occasionally use). Mrs. Gill set me on my life course when she spotted my snapshot album and cried, “Why Jock, you’re a PHOTOGRAPHER!” Thank you, Mrs. Gill.

Do you have an important old photo that you value? Email your photo to jock@email.unc.edu and include the story behind the picture. Because every picture tells a story. And its worth? A thousand words.
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