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LETTER: McCrory taxes would hurt low, middle-income families

Once again, Pat McCrory has proposed a policy for North Carolina with no explanation of how to pay for it. First, it was his education proposal, which calls for sweeping reforms with no mention of funding. Now, it’s coming in his constant praise for the tax policies of Florida and Tennessee.

In those states, with little to no personal income tax, their citizens pay tremendously high sales and food taxes. Implementing a plan like this in this economy would be a devastating blow to North Carolina’s already struggling lower- and middle-income families. 

High sales and food taxes disproportionately affect those who are already at a disadvantage. And while a higher food tax may not mean much for Pat McCrory, for many North Carolinians it means having to make tough choices.

Yes, you got that right: Pat McCrory wants to slash income taxes while raising taxes on working- and middle-class families. Eliminating the state’s largest source of revenue, just to put higher taxes on the things North Carolina’s families need the most? That’s the Pat McCrory way of reforming North Carolina’s economy for the super-rich. We deserve better.

Matt Hughes
Chair, Orange County Democratic Party

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