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LETTER: A Carrboro experience

My name is Raymond Michael Edward, and I am from India.

I came here to work at Chestnut Ridge Summer Camp and Retreat Center in Efland in 2011 and 2012 as a counselor.

I had the pleasure of meeting Bruce Thomas, who most of you know by the name Dancing Man of Carrboro, who reminds me of my Uncle George who had the same type of character.

Bruce is a very funny, jovial, kind-hearted person.

Bruce works with me at the camp, and all the kids love him.

Bruce has this energy and sprit that attracts kids of all ages. This man loves to not only dance, but he sings as well and has a wonderful voice as I told him many times.

Last year, Bruce told me that he would take me to Weaver Street in Carrboro, but unfortunately it didn’t happen.

So finally he got me to Carrboro on Thursday for the after-hours music at Weaver Street. He introduced me to one of his good friends, Kevin, who I found to be a funny, jolly good guy, and Professor Tom, who I found to be a wonderful person, full of energy and knowledge.

The whole while I was there with Bruce at the Weave, everything Bruce told me about Weaver Street I witnessed with my eyes and heart to be true. Thank you Bruce, thank you Weaver Street Carrboro and all of the people I met there.

It was a wonderful and glorious experience. And today Bruce came to the camp and brought me to Weaver Street for the Sunday morning brunch, and let me tell you I had a blast.

All the people Bruce knows are just amazing, kind-hearted and full of compassion. The music was awesome and Bruce danced like there was no tomorrow. To see him perform and the children flock to him was a wonderful sight for my eyes.

Again, thank you, Weaver Street Carrboro and thank you, Dancing Man of Carrboro, my friend Bruce.

Raymond Michael Edward
Counselor, Chestnut Ridge Summer Camp and Retreat Center

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