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LETTER: Rong and rong

The GOP has fallen into a hodge-podge shortening of the English language in its use of that snappy conjunctive – R&R – made politically distinctive via Romney and Ryan. They have already announced plans to give total rest and relaxation to those who are in the top 1 percent of our economy as long as they respond and reward. The two also want removal and repair of any kind of significant coverage via national health insurance. They have also released a series of detailed directions to remove and replace efforts to save the environment since they both believe that “global warming” is a theory that is both ridiculous and round-headed. And these two R&Rs also have significant, if ruinous, budget and financing plans that are pretty much in line with rock and roll logic.

But in the end, of course, R&R are clearly R&R … freely translated as Rong and Rong!

William Sommers

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