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Come home, Holden

When Carrboro resident Holden Thorp took his family and moved to the big city to become chancellor of our university back in 2008, we all cheered.

We knew we’d miss seeing him quite as often tickling the ivories on the Weaver Street lawn or perusing the goods at the Carrboro Farmers’ Market. That was OK because he was one of us, and he had made the big time.

Holden Thorp understood in his bones what this university means to our state. We were all confident and relieved that the right person had been chosen to lead our proud flagship to even greater heights.

We’re still sure that Holden Thorp is exactly who should be chancellor. His decision to resign at the end of the school year simply reinforces that.

Chancellor Holden Thorp is a man of high character, one who does the right thing and who expects others to do the same. Faced, however, with a seemingly unending stream of characters who failed to act in the best interests of the university, he did what he felt he had to do.

We deeply regret this decision. After all our university has endured over the past few years, to lose a leader of such conviction and talent seems unjust.

The decision has been made, however, so we look forward to having Holden and his family back among us. We don’t know if they’ll return to live in Carrboro, but we sure hope so. We’ll keep a light on.

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