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LETTER: Reelect Obama

I’m not a Democrat, I’m not a Republican; an Independent I am, and I’ve made my decision.

I’ve researched the issues. I’ve watched the conventions; no commercials, they upset me too much.

For me, this presidential race of 2012 has come down to intent. What is the intent (the platform) of each party (each candidate) and who is it intended to serve? Does that intent square with my heart, mind and soul?

Thirty years ago, my leanings were to the Republican platform. It was logical, civic-minded while being prudent and open to compromise and negotiation towards the greater good. It was respectful of opposing opinions and welcomed the strength that comes when two forces come together for the building of our beautiful country.

That is no longer true, in my opinion.

Hatred, stonewalling, filibusters, flat-out old-fashioned lying (that little bit of truth thrown in does not fool this Christian heart!) is NOT the way to win my vote. How does it work at all?!

The president’s Democratic Party has shown that they believe in working together … or trying to. There has been so much criticism that the president hasn’t shown the leadership to create compromise between the two parties, but when was the last time you tried to negotiate with a brick wall?

I believe that no one could have completely corrected the inherited mess in four years (especially when one party publicly vows to make you a one-term president, while they ignored your citizens in distress). With filibuster after filibuster, disregard us they did.

It is my belief that I am here on this earth to serve. So does the party of the president. I believe “We the People” includes all people. So does the party of the president. I believe that government should not be in my personal business but should be in the business of serving the people; so does the president. I’m going to be guided with my heart and head but not my past. Guess I’m now leaning towards the Democratic platform.

That’s why I am voting to reelect President Barack Obama.

C. “Zen” Shoemaker
Chatham County

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