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LETTER: Thanks for The Citizen

I’ve never met Robert Dickson or his daughter Susan, the publisher and editor of The Carrboro Citizen. I’m one of the estimated 15,000 readers that’s sadden to read that the Dicksons are looking for someone to buy this great community news resource.

I think many of you will agree that the staff writers, contributors and others who helped publish more than 280 consecutive weekly Citizen editions have served our community well. I always look forward to getting my copy of the Citizen, as I feel it is the best source for independent, in-depth coverage of local happenings. 

What will we do if no one comes forward to take over this community resource? I feel like we may have to all gather at a local community center to hear the town crier announce all the local news or read news tacked to a tree – just like our ancestors did 200 years ago.

If the community loses the print version of the paper, maybe someone or some organization can come up with an online version to allow staff writers and contributors to continue to offer an independent version of local news events. Our community has been truly blessed to have the benefit of reading and seeing the works of the very talented contributing editors, staff writers, art director, contributors and photographers.
Thank you Robert and Susan Dickson for your dedication to giving our community a tremendous resource these last five years!

Richard Leber
Chapel Hill

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