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LETTER: Morals take backseat to money

The Republican candidates in our current election drama have emphasized their stalwart stance on religious and moral issues. Mitt Romney is – or has been – a bishop of the Mormon Church; his political companion, Paul Ryan, is a devoted member of the Catholic Church. These aspects of their candidacy are seemingly above contradiction and we – Democrat or Republican – appreciate the validity of their moral viewpoint, even though we may argue over their political views.

What is disturbing, however, is Romney and Ryan’s swift acceptance of both the endorsement and millions upon millions of dollars for their political coffers from one Sheldon Adelson. They did so in the face of the questionable source of Adelson’s activities, underlined by current investigations by the Justice Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission. Apparently the Republican candidates for our highest offices have decided that morality must take a back seat when political funding is concerned!

Adelson has had an adventurous life in gambling. He tried to bribe Chinese officials for help in expanding his casino empire to Macau. Mr. A. is also known to have received millions of dollars from groups of outlawed gamblers, giving them the free run of the amenities of his Las Vegas operation. And there is more! It has been suggested, that, based on Adelson’s extensive donations to the Republican Party, if R&R are the winners he will be vindicated by a grateful Republican government who will help to wash his sins away!

This accusation has some validity in the knowledge that a) Mr. Romney met with Mr. Adelson during his recent European trip, while b) Paul Ryan, upon his receipt of the Republican nomination for VP immediately went to a closed victory celebration at Adelson’s spectacular Las Vegas hotel.

Wow! How is it that money always overrides the moral issues involved? Romney and Ryan are the most recent example of such a turn around.

William Sommers

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