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The Carrboro Citizen ceased publication on Thursday, October 4, 2012 after 290 consecutive weekly issues. For my statement regarding the closing, please read this.

For my thoughts on the future of local journalism, please read this.

I announced that The Citizen was for sale on August 2, 2012. You can read that announcement here.


The Carrboro Citizen was a weekly newspaper and web site for and about the greater Carrboro community, including Chapel Hill, Hillsborough and Pittsboro.

Our first online post was November 2, 2006.Our first printed issue was on March 21, 2007. We published every Thursday morning, and for our final issue on October 4, 2012 we distributed 7,500 copies in more than 200 locations.

We maintain three Citizen sites:

The Carrboro Citizen Main site, which includes stories from the printed paper, as well as an archive of pdf versions of our print editions.

Mill, which focused on Arts & Entertainment, Dining and various items of interest;

The Annotated Flora, which is a cross referenced version of Ken Moore’s popular Flora column

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