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January 6, 2011

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January 27, 2011

  1. Drew Miketa

    My name is Drew Miketa and my father was Andy Miketa. He played football at UNC and later with the Detroit Lions. We lost him last year on Easter Sunday. A friend of mine ( Lyda Merkel Stanford ) e-mailed me with concerns about the holiday season and her thoughts were with me during the first years absence of a loved one. She went on to tell me of an article written in your paper mentioning the wonderful people that passed during the past year. My father was mentioned in your paper and I wanted to thank you so much for this. I miss him so much and still struggle with it quite often. I remember as a kid when R.D. Smith, Hilliard Caldwell and Howard Lee ( and other great men ) would be in my home discussing racial issues in the late 60’s and early 70’s. They would discuss how to ease tentions and fears in the difficult time for the better of all mankind. Because of this type of direction my brothers and sisters and I were able to grow up in a “non- racist” positive environment. It also allowed others to see that we must move forward and make progress and all get along together without the unnessacery distraction and negativity of racism. It’s funny, my dad was known as a great football player at UNC during a time of success in the program ( Cotton Bowl Champs, etc,etc..) however his legacy in Chapel Hill was so much more. He built football/soccer and baseball fields for children. He also volunteered time as a coach in little leagues and our house was opened to everyone reguardless of the color of your skin. He also offered his dental services to black people when many did not. I can not tell you how many times black men and women have asked me if I were his son and then went on to tell me a story of how my dad effected their lives in a positive way. I am thankful for his love and teachings as well as thankful for you not forgetting such a loving father and man.-Drew Miketa

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