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A showcase of Chinese Art including architecture, caligraphy, photography, and history.

Site offers the history, layout, pictures, and detailed descriptions of the Chapel Hill Cemetery located on the UNC campus.

Website for a Massachusetts based Japanese crafts school

The Anson County Historical Society was formed in the 1950’s by a group of Ansonians interested in preserving the heritage of Anson County. Site includes pictures and discussion on historic buildings in Anson County.

DefineDesign is a point of confluence of design ideas. Information design, graphic design, interface design and interaction design have a strong overlap of interest and expertise. Architecture, urban planning and environmental design have…

The 'Internet Studio' (or istudio) Academic Program initiative is directed to create strategic relationships with Latin American Schools of Architecture, institutions and corporations involved in the urban development of the Latin American…

ACADIA is dedicated to the promotion of communication and critical thinking regarding the use of computers in architecture, planning and building science. The organization's activities include an annual national conference, publications,…
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