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On this site, you will find general information and a collection of further reading about the Chernobyl disaster and its aftermath. This page is a long-term project of Dr. Sarah Phillips and her anthropology seminar class on Chernobyl at Indiana…

Non-updated archival webpage for colonial dancers special interest group. The Colonial Heritage Dancers is a social group that enjoys 18th Century dancing. We meet two times a month, at Historic Bethabara Park in Winston-Salem, NC, to practice and…

Tips and advice for making the most of a newsroom internship

PLEASE NOTE: This site is NO LONGER BEING UPDATED! Otherwise, all of the content material remains accessible for the time being. Please use it with the caveat that links may have changed, sites been moved and material become out-of-date.

Archival website for a student group promoting electronic music at UNC chapel hill

Site in Portuguese. DROS é um acrônimo em português que significa Rede para Cooperação em Estudos e Desenvolvimento de Recursos Odontológico para o Setor Saúde. A Rede é composta por indivíduos em instituições ou na prática privada da…

Boiling point staff webpage containing editorials from 2006 on social, controversial, university topics. Archival.

ARCHIVAL SITE: A six-day intensive course in audio, video, and Flash web development.

Historical page: Includes discussions of campus drinking and alcohol consumption facts

ARCHIVAL PAGE. Included a now defunct mailing list. This is an online meeting place for lawyers and law students of Asian Indian Origin. This site is also a great place to look up legal items of interest to Asian-indians in America.
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