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All things Pennario. Biography, Career History, Discography, LP, CD covers, Picture Gallery, mp3 samples, personal annecdotes, etc.

The largest online collection of vintage tattoo flash and acetate stencils.

Collection Léonard da Vinci

The website presents an account of the dimensions of colour and light perception, written for painters using either traditional or digital mediums.

Stewards of the Land is a multimedia documentary project that was completed in North Carolina's Central Piedmont Region an area known as The Triangle. The focus of Stewards of the Land is six small-scale farmers who are profiled using photographs,…

PDF versions of over forty of the official U.S. Army Histories of World War II (the "Green Books") including a chronology, all major theaters, pictorial histories, and "campaign brochures" for all major campaign.

Non-updated archival webpage for colonial dancers special interest group. The Colonial Heritage Dancers is a social group that enjoys 18th Century dancing. We meet two times a month, at Historic Bethabara Park in Winston-Salem, NC, to practice and…

Archival website for a student group promoting electronic music at UNC chapel hill

Site offers sequences of Tom Tight Et Dum Dum, 1903, France, 35mm, 16fps, 2000 frames, digitized 2003, 2k resolution, director Georges Méliès, cast Georges Méliès, Legris.
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