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The online home of the National Press Photographers Association. A nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of photojournalism.

Photographs by Ami Vitale, 30, is a freelance photographer who is now based in Paris. She moved to Prague in 1997 and in the end of 1998, traveled to Kosovo and spent eight months documenting the plight of refugees.

These picture stories were produced in Journalism 181: Documentary Photojournalism, a class in UNC's School of Journalism and Mass Communication, under the tutelage of Professor Richard Beckman. This archive dates from spring of 1997.

A collection of textured background tiles interspersed with political geek commentary.

A large collection of icons - this is an early internet site.

The first daily cartoon of the Internet.

An early web archive - some of these range from 1993 or 1994. Listed for WAIS (pre-WWW) - browse and sample - .iafa files have some sumary of what the accompanying file will contain. Various animations from our ftp archive, including a complete…

Preserving North Carolina Folk Arts is an integral part of the folk art tradition and shares the stage with crafting and fine-tuning the various art forms.

The Ball is a sphere, composed entirely of aluminum foil of various varieties. This site provides a great quantity of information about the ball; how it is made, how large it is now, etc. It will even give you hints should you wish to create one of…

A collection of works from the great masters of Western Art, put together into a virtual art museum. We're not allowed to call it The Louvre anymore, but it's still got paintings from that big museum and other French stuff.
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