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Activefreemedia's vision is a thriving, vibrant media democracy for all. To get there, we envision a web-based application that simplifies and automates the media buying process, enabling networks of citizens to produce and fund strategic media…

5e - The Fifth Estate is an online magazine produced by students in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Providing BitTorrent access to ibiblio content- including software, sound files, video, e-books and more.

For a democratic society to function properly, citizens must participate in their government, be educated to think critically and be able to freely communicate their ideas.The Peoples Channel’s mission is to advance democratic ideals by…

Free services for the videoblog culture such as blog hosting, directory listing, education, workshops and collaborative projects.All content is public domain or creative commons licensed.Services are not available to all.

Audio Activism is a independently produced spoken word "radio show" and weblog with subject content focusing on media activism. Weekly mp3s are released using the podcasting medium. The main goal is to educate and encourage people about…

The WUNC Productions archive houses "The State of Things" programming and WUNC's News articles from the past.

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