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Bounce Magazine is a non-partisan humor magazine dedicated to amusing and enriching the UNC-Chapel Hill community with satirical commentary on current events, both on campus and around the globe.

RTNDAC sponsors professional development meetings and seminars that are put on for radio and television news directors. Site offers information on meetings, conferences, newsletters awards, campus chapters, and scholarships.

Current stories from NC week in text and video format as well as archives of past shows. Carolina Week is a once-a-week student newscast that can be viewed across the NC Triangle area..

WebReader for selected ham radio newsgroups: antennas boatanchors collins dx dxbase dx-qsl glowbugs heathkit hammarlund heath homebrew kenwood milsurplus mobile-portable psk31 qrp r-390 topband swl 160mAlso the archives for the lehigh QRP-L

An abstracted listing of the many research papers, newspaper articles, and other writings available from the ibiblio Communications, VR, 3D and related archives. Provides an overview of cyberculture in synchronous communications.

The online home of UNC Student Television. Programming for students, produced and run entirely by students.

Cybercasting is still an ambiguous term. It is most commonly associated with the process of streaming visual or audio information through cyberspace (another undefined term).

The mission of the National Association of Medical Communicators (NAMC) is to unite and support medical journalists and communicators as they provide health information to consumers via various media, including broadcast, print and the Internet.

Stay Free! is a nonprofit print magazine that critiques American media and consumer culture. It is published twice a year and distributed locally throughout Brooklyn, NY, and on newsstands across the US and Canada. Stay Free! also publishes a blog,…

UNC's student-run radio station. Listen online to the world's first 24-7 internet simulcast.
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