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InterNetWorkers: A geographically defined (North Carolina's Reaserch Triangle Park), loosely knit group of technology workers who like to get together once a month and socialize.

An archive of Solaris SPARC and x86 packages. These packages contain full versions of useful programs such as compilers and programming tools. Documentation is provided on how to install. Very useful for admins with little time to recompile software.

Information and resources for using the SAS System under Mac OS.

A Quantitative Profile of a Community of Open Source Linux Developers. A research paper exploring the demographics of Linux developers worldwide, based on analysis of MetaLab LSMs.

A tutorial for new Java event model, the JavaBeans architecture, Java database programming, and more. Producing Beans for use on the Web, and using Beans as server side extensions will also be discussed; by Pratik R. Patel

An abstracted listing of the many research papers, newspaper articles, and other writings available from the ibiblio Communications, VR, 3D and related archives. Provides an overview of cyberculture in synchronous communications.

The Open Source Writers Group is a non-commercial, non-profit organization whose primary goal is to improve the overall quality and quantity of free open-source and open-content documentation. Documents Catalog lists the resources available through…

ftp access to hundreds of open source software projects, documentation and more./pub/packages

The UNC Open Source Research Team is particularly interested in understanding and aiding the Open Source communities by quantitative studies of content contributions and contributors, by experimental advanced distribution of Open Source resources, by…

The OMF aims to collect data about Open Source documentation, or metadata, that will be used to describe the documentation. The idea is that the OMF will act as a sophisticated card catalog type of system for the numerous Open Source documentation…
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