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Historical page: Includes discussions of campus drinking and alcohol consumption facts

A collection of resources on Stoicism.

iNSIDEoUT is a network of youth and gay-straight alliances working to connect and empower young people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning through activism, education, fun and support.

The North Carolina Society for Ethical Culture (NCSEC), founded in 1987, is one of 22 societies in the United States which form the American Ethical Union. Website includes information about the tenets of the ethical socities, news and local events,…

A UNC course exploring the life, works and acts of Mohandas Gandhi. We attempt to evaluate Gandhi on his own terms; we try to tell his story by looking at his works and acts. By doing so, we try to gain an understanding of what motivated him to act,…

Peace and development are still the main themes in this new century. It is the trend of the times that people of the world want peace.

Annotated and classified links to thousands of full text documents on Burma. The Online Burma/Myanmar Library also holds the 17MB archive of the Burma Press Summary (1987-1996) compiled and edited by Hugh C. MacDougall and the 200MB archive of the…

Moteurs de recherche bibliographiques et pharmacologiques pour le médecin et le public.

Search engines for bibliographical and pharmacological information for medical doctors and everyone.

Actualité médicale internationale commentée, forums de discussion et dossiers sur des questions précises. Commented international medical news, web forums and detailed answers to medical questions.
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