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The Secret Library wants to know what your favorite amount of information is. The Secret Library is your complete secret friend. Come touch the points of contact between technology, poetry, art, social responsibility, and information management.

This e-journal is currently seeking contributors for the inaugural issue.

Jessamyn West's library themed weblog of interest to rarin' librarians and other info junkies.

official web site of the North Carolina Library Association, an affiliate of the American Library Association and the Southeastern Library Association, and the only statewide organization concerned with the total library community in North Carolina.

The Ibiblio Consult program. Many of you have contacted us to ask us "How can we help Ibiblio". We really appreciate this, and we now believe we've found a way for our contributors to help and ask for help alike. We'd like to…

Need some justification for your trashy reading habits? Redefine all that has been taught you and embrace the popular canon. The Series Zealot systematically redeems the most popular teen series with literary analysis and critical commentary.

The Libraries FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is a collection of basic information regarding libraries and librarianship, and an introductory guide to library resources on the Internet. The FAQ arose out of questions and discussions on the Usenet…

Moteurs de recherche bibliographiques et pharmacologiques pour le médecin et le public.

Search engines for bibliographical and pharmacological information for medical doctors and everyone.

This site is designed for use by journalism and mass comm students and faculty on the UNC-CH campus. Other interested in the site are likely to be news researchers, journalists, photographers, and mass comm educators. Included in the pages are JoMC…

Welcome to the Special Libraries Association News Division, an international organization for print and broadcast news librarians, news researchers and others interested in the role information plays in quality journalism.
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