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Satire webpage for Existendo - a company that makes existential video games.

Historical page: Includes discussions of campus drinking and alcohol consumption facts

Open Humanities Press (OHP) is an open access publisher of contemporary critical and cultural theory. A grassroots initiative by academics, librarians, journal editors and technology specialists, OHP was formed in response to the growing inequality…

The Stoic Library is a collection of links to public information on Stoicism. This website was designed by Steven Leysen,

A collection of resources on Stoicism.

iNSIDEoUT is a network of youth and gay-straight alliances working to connect and empower young people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning through activism, education, fun and support.

An extensive look into the culture of one of Humanity's oldest continuous civilizations. There is always a symbolic meaning behind almost everything in the daily life of the China.

The North Carolina Society for Ethical Culture (NCSEC), founded in 1987, is one of 22 societies in the United States which form the American Ethical Union. Website includes information about the tenets of the ethical socities, news and local events,…

This site loads AndAl tiruppavai audio, text of inner meaning, and a picture corresponding to the day of the mArgazhi month. Please do visit every day of mArgazhi, and enjoy.
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