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Transcriptions of the renewals of US copyright for literary works first registered in 1923 thru 1963, and lists of works not renewed, the US copyright of which may therefore have expired.

The UNC Dance Marathon strives to improve the lives of the families whose children receive treatment at the N.C. Children's Hospital. By unifying the UNC campus and community in a collaborative effort to interact with the children and families,…

Legal aid for charities.Special focus is using abandoned assets from closed and closing businesses to benefit charities.

Election rigging is not just happening in Zimbabwe. It's happening right here in NC. The state of NC is in violation of international voting rights treaties. MDCNC is working to change that.

Actualidad Colombiana is a fortnightly bulletin about the situation in Colombia produced by three non-governmental organisations

Annotated and classified links to thousands of full text documents on Burma. The Online Burma/Myanmar Library also holds the 17MB archive of the Burma Press Summary (1987-1996) compiled and edited by Hugh C. MacDougall and the 200MB archive of the…

Video footage of the CPSR lecture series held in Raleigh. Speakers included Brock Meeks of MSNBC, Robert Ellis Smith of the Privacy Journal, and Wayne Crews of the CATO Institute.

Free self-help chatterbot. Let go of issues in your life that interfere with your inner peace. Replace them with states that support more inner peace in your life. Free support for all. Windows, Mac, Linux. It works. Try it. Pass it on.

The online resource center for UNC-Chapel Hill's Program on Southern Politics, Media and Public Life. Subscribe to its newsletters on Southern politics and public policy, or browse the archives. Register for upcoming conferences, and review those…
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