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information, downloads, and support for morphix based asterisk pbx

A collection of entrepreneurs, engineers and innovators looking to do new things with mobile platforms.

Providing BitTorrent access to ibiblio content- including software, sound files, video, e-books and more.

The Technology Committee was created to develop short and long range plans for addressing communication and technology needs, review and advise the Council and staff on technical-related proposals, including related purchases and address the…

Free services for the videoblog culture such as blog hosting, directory listing, education, workshops and collaborative projects.All content is public domain or creative commons licensed.Services are not available to all.

On November 7, 1994, WXYC-FM (Chapel Hill, North Carolina) became the first radio station in the world to offer a live Internet simulcast of an off-air signal. In honor of the tenth anniversary of this pioneering event, we brought together a panel…

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