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Satire webpage for Existendo - a company that makes existential video games.

Don't have time to go to every day to see if David Farley's Dr Fun home page has changed? All going to plan, this mailing list will come to you.

for real, yo, for real!

Scott Sloan, Space Bureaucrat is a web comic about an erstwhile process server in a distant galaxy.

This is a collaborative creative effort of a few artists in the Triangle area of NC, including daily comics and occasionally weekly cartoons.

Bounce Magazine is a non-partisan humor magazine dedicated to amusing and enriching the UNC-Chapel Hill community with satirical commentary on current events, both on campus and around the globe.

Dr. Fun (a.k.a. David Farley) has a virtual bookshelf of his pre-internet humor collections. included are: Blobs If you happen to be looking for a collection of cartoons mostly about amoebas, then Blobs may be the place for you. Boogers, A…

The first daily cartoon of the Internet.
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