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The objective of this website is to serve as a repository of Srivaishnava sampradayic books. It is a humble beginning to digitize the works of azhvars (divya sooris), acharyas (Srivaishnava preceptors), and their commentaries to make them available…

An extensive look into the culture of one of Humanity's oldest continuous civilizations. There is always a symbolic meaning behind almost everything in the daily life of the China.

This site loads AndAl tiruppavai audio, text of inner meaning, and a picture corresponding to the day of the mArgazhi month. Please do visit every day of mArgazhi, and enjoy.

The SriPedia initiative attempts to provide universal access in a self-study environment to the numerous texts and related commentaries, explanations etc. that comprise the body of Vedic knowledge.

Writings of social historian, Dr. Gautam Chatterjee, focusing on the cultural heritage of India from a variety of perspectives including anthropology, history or indology. Articles on Hinduism, Buddhism, masks, and tourism.

Shree Ram Sharnam is primarily a spiritualistic center but it imparts practical foresight on leading a responsible, disciplined and dignified life. The dissemination of spirituality, love & duties in this manner is efficacious for the society and the…
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