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Not eggdrop soup, an eggdrop robot ( commonly called a bot ) is a program that does things automatically on IRC.

DOSEMU is a linux application that enables the Linux OS to run many DOS programs.

We host and mirror many Linux distributions. Please see our distributions page for a complete list.

The Comprehensive TeX Archive Network provides the most complete and up-to-date TeX-related software.

The Comprehensive Perl Archive Network provides a large collection of Perl software and documentation.

Software and utilities for the old Commodore computer system.

The Apache Project comprises the popular Apache web server, the Cocoon 2 XML publishing framework, the Jakarta Tomcat servlet tools, and more.

CDlinux is a compact distribution of GNU/Linux. The name is a synonymous of “Compact Distro Linux.” It is small in size, yet rich in features. You can use CDlinux as your “Mobile OS”. Install it onto a USB key, take it…

Burning Thunder Pup is a Puppy Linux distribution with (working) Firefox and Thunderbird desktop icons and Wine in the terminal. Distribution Homepage

Designed for both Linux newcomers and power users, and inspired by Ubuntu. Features include: boots in live mode, straight from the CD, includes Firefox,, games and more, excellent hardware detection, user-friendly hard drive installer.…