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Dr Fun Archive


Dr. Fun (a.k.a. David Farley) has a virtual bookshelf of his pre-internet humor collections. included are:
Blobs If you happen to be looking for a collection of cartoons mostly about amoebas, then Blobs may be the place for you.
Boogers, A Celebration is a collection of hand-picked cartoons on a certain subject. Only the most assiduous digging has pulled out these treasures.
The Eyes Have It is mostly about gigantic eyeballs, with some other random eye jokes. (I'm extremely nearsighted, and spent a lot of time at the eye doctor when I was young.)
Heads Up is in two sections, the first section features the madcap antics of decapitated heads floating about in jars; the second section features people who have managed to somehow grow more than one head, and the shenanigans that ensue.
The Iceman Cometh is about snowmen.
Science Fair was actually drawn a couple years before all the other stuff here. Science Fair documents a visit to the so-called Hoagiesville Science and Engineering Fair, with exhibits in different age divisions, prizes, handouts, etc.
Doctor Fun's Grab Bag An assortment of 200 cartoons.




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