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The music community was created in the summer of 1998 for the online trading of live CD-R's. We do not trade CD-R's via regular mail. Instead, we trade by downloading losslessly compressed audio files, extracting these files, and then burning them onto a CD-R.

The community uses an independent network of file (FTP) servers that host and distribute Shorten (SHN) audio files. Shorten is our file format of choice because it uses a lossless compression scheme, and is available for a variety of operating systems. This means the digital audio files distributed via are identical to the original DAT source, and can be played on any computer. There is absolutely NO sound quality loss, or any loss of information for that matter! Every downloaded copy is an identical clone of the original DAT source. does not host or distribute MP3 files! While MP3 has a good sound for such a small file size, it is a lossy compression scheme. This means that when music is converted into the MP3 format, a certain amount of data is lost and cannot ever be recovered. This data loss can sometimes result as a 'swooshing' type sound in the music. For this reason, you should never make an audio CD-R from MP3 files. has found that as CD-R's are traded, MP3-sourced discs are often mislabeled and passed along without any mention of their MP3 lineage.

Thanks to the hard work and deadication of everyone in our community, will continue to grow and set the standard in lossless digital audio distribution via the Internet! is run by a hardworking community of volunteers. We are a not-for-profit venture, organized by people who love the music and simply want to see it spread. People who "work" on include FTP server operators, mailing list administrators, web site designers, and the other countless number of people who seed the with their DAT tapes and compact discs. is truly a community effort and without the support of all involved, we simply could not exist.











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