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Chenla is an open content project dedicated to creating free and open tools, catalogs and content which will form the foundation for the next generation of distributed digital libraries.

Chenla is presently working on two major projects:

The Burr Metadata Framework (BMF), which has been developed over the last four years, is designed to integrate the worlds of complex metadata and bibliographic catalog records with complex textual markup systems. BMF is human understandable format which can be used to create very complex metadata and semantic textual markup which can then be exported to MARC, TEI XML, XHTML etc for use in library catalogs, web sites and even personal collections of electronic media. Chenla is developing BMF as an open standard as well as building processing applications for creating, editing and converting into other formats.

The Librarium is a 25 year project which is attempting to create a comprehensive free digital reference library which includes authority data, faceted subject headings, geographical data, and bibliographic records which incorporate elements which traditionally have been included in dictionaries, encyclopedias and other reference works.




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