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Finding the Celtic


Finding the Celtic is an experiment to create an online digital humanities collaboratory for Celtic Studies funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities. It will enable users to locate, access, and annotate resources for Celtic Studies, to share their work and research, and to enable digital publication. There are three main aspects to the start-up phase of the Finding the Celtic ("FtC" for short) project, which will be last from May 2007 - May 2008: * To configure and adapt the COLLEX digital collaboratory to handle data resources related to Celtic Studies (for those who are technically-minded, this is essentially defining the appropriate metadata schema and tailoring the code to handle it) * To add information visualization extensions to COLLEX so that the data resources can be visualized in graphical representations * To compile a sample database of digital resources from the multiple disciplines that intersect at Celtic Studies (i.e., history, archaeology, literature) so as to demonstrate the ability of the system to meet the diverse needs of the humanities The project will focus on "classical" Celtic materials (particularly from Hallstatt to medieval periods). The primary data resources and the exhibitions that will be created from those components are meant to encourage lively discussion about the notion of "Celticity" - can we identify aspects of culture (whether material or literary) that indicate Celtic identity? How do these elements compare and contrast to the culture of others near or removed in space and time?











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