GrokDoc usability study of GNU/Linux newbies

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GrokDoc usability study of GNU/Linux newbies


Welcome to GrokDoc's usability study of GNU/Linux newbies. Our goal is to create a useful manual on basic tasks that new users will find simple and clear and easy to follow, using what we learn from our study. GrokDoc is an offshoot of Groklaw. Our idea is this: instead of technically proficient people explaining tasks and functions to newbies, we let newbies show us what is hard for them. In order to accomplish our goal, we are requesting that you sit down with a friend or family member who has little (or ideally no) prior experience with GNU/Linux and observe them as they try any Linux distribution, watching and noting what they find difficult, so we will know what needs to be explained more clearly. The research results will be collected here, and we will then write up the manual explaining how to do the basic tasks we have studied. You can also help us write a manual from what we learn. Your friends and relatives who participated in the study can help, too.









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