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Founded in 1997 and incorporated in December 1998, Lampo is a nonprofit presenter of experimental music and intermedia events. The organization, which is based in Chicago, promotes and supports artists working in electronic and electroacoustic music, free improvisation, sound art and other new forms. Lampo brings composers and musicians from across North America, Europe and Asia to present their work to local audiences. Lampo is equally committed to helping Chicago composers and musicians realize special projects with potential impact on their careers. The organization commissions new works and encourages joint performances with visiting artists. Lampo's programs are chosen with careful consideration to make a balanced season of events. These programs, many of which feature rare Midwest appearances, attract a broad and diverse audience and give the public opportunities to directly experience the work of music's leading innovators. In addition to these events, Lampo collaborates with other presenters and arranges workshops and lectures.




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