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T2 started as a community driven fork from the ROCK Linux Project with the aim to create a decentralized development and clean a framework for spin-off projects and customized distributions. Another goal was to provide a more continous release stream for stable security updates. With T2 you can define targets for various purposes, ranging from embedded Linux systems with a few MB of size over server configurations to a full desktop system featuring X.Org foundation, KDE, Gnome, OpenOffice.Org and many more. Those targets can be compiled for use on the most common architectures: Alpha, ARM, HPPA (incl. HPPA64), IA64, MIPS, PowerPC (incl. PowerPC-64), SPARC (incl. SPARC64), SuperH, x86 (incl. x86-64) – theoretically any GCC/Linux supported one. T2 comes with many predefined targets (desktop, router, live CD …) and over 2000 package descriptions ready to build.

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